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IECN has worked on a diversity of assignments since inception in 2001. They included so far assignments focusing on project design, proposal development, reporting, implementation and assessments, for different collaborators and clients. Look at the current list of exciting projects!


Location: Cape Verde • Topics: Climate Change • Year: 2013


Mid-term Review - Building adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change in the water sector in Cape Verde


The impacts of climate change on Cape Verde water sector, particularly on the availability of fresh water, is predicted to negatively affect human health, agricultural production and food security in both rural and urban areas.


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Location: Namibia • Topics: Climate Change • Year: 2013


Namibian climate change strategy and action plan (2013-2020)


Namibia has developed a National policy on climate change - a policy which was launched by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in November 2011.


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Location: Equatorial Guinea • Topics: Climate Change • Year: 2013


National Adaptation Plan of Action and Vulnerability and Adaptation for Equatorial Guinea


As party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and as a least developed country (LDC), Equatorial Guinea is currently undertaking its National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA). The enabling activity towards this is to develop a NAPA document following a participatory process to address the most immediate climate risks.


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Location: Namibia • Topics: Biodiversity • Year: 2013


Updating, preparing and finalising CEO Endorsement and Project Document for PASS Project


IECN is undertaking the updating, preparation and finalisation of the CEO Endorsement Request and Project Document for a GEF/UNDP Project titled Strengthening the Capacity of the Protected Area System to Address New Management Challenges (PASS Namibia).


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Location: Namibia • Topics: Climate Change • Year: 2012


Climate Governance and Development Case Study Namibia


This was a paper entitled “Climate Governance and Development Case Study: Namibia” written with and for the Heinrich Böll Foundation.


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