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Masters of Integrated Land Management

Masters of Integrated Land Management. Polytechnic Namibia: Course development.

After IECN assisted the Polytechnic of Namibia in 2007 with the development of the draft curriculum, for the first time, the Polytechnic will be offering a Masters of Integrated Land Management degree. This is a joint Science and Business degree, starting in February 2009. IECN staff members are developing course materials for the first block, which includes courses on sustainable development theory and application in the Namibian and SADC context; governance, business and economics of local development; sustainable livelihoods, poverty reduction and rural-urban integrated planning; and environmental economics and management. IECN is currently assisting with the development and review of courses, as well as Dr. Juliane Zeidler will also be teaching of the curriculum for the Sustainable Development course.

According to the Programme webpage of the Polytechnic of Namibia:

The programme will target individuals of graduate-calibre who are currently employed in sectors that fall under the natural resource management umbrella. These sectors encompass mining, agriculture, tourism, environmental management, water, urban planning, rural development, regional and local development and coastal zone management.

For more information about Admissions Requirements and the Curriculum please go to:
Polytechnic of Namibia: Master of Integrated Land Management


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Masters of Integrated Land Management


Youth & Environment


Polytechnic of Namibia & Ministry of Lands and Resttlement 


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