Our current relevant information

(i) to IECN as an institution,
(ii) the ongoing environment & development work in Namibia, and
(iii) to current developments & discussions in our fields of practice.


16 May 2014


IUCN CEC Report to council meeting in Gland,Switzerland


Dr. Juliane Zeidler in her capacity as the Global Chair for the Commission of Education and Communication (CEC) of the International Union for Conservation and Nature (IUCN) is currently attending the Report to council meeting for the IUCN CEC in Gland, Switzerland.


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12 May 2014


Development of Botswana's climate change policy ongoing


The KCS team will conduct the last two consultations in the Central district during the 20 and 22 May in Franscistown and Papalye respectively. This tally to eleven district level consultations for the Botswana climate change policy.


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11 Mar 2014


BBC workshop in Walvis Bay


The Benguela Current Commission held a Namibian national workshop at the coastal town of Walvis Bay during the 3 and 4 March 2014. The workshop focused on encouraging participants to identify their own perceived climate change vulnerabilities as well as their existing adaptive capacity in the fisheries and mariculture sector.


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