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(i) to IECN as an institution,
(ii) the ongoing environment & development work in Namibia, and
(iii) to current developments & discussions in our fields of practice.


25 Jul 2017


IECN supports the Goverment of Djibouti in developing a Marine Protected Areas (MPA) project


Commissioned by UNDP/GEF Dr. Juliane Zeidler is supporting the preparation of a full-sized GEF project for the Government of Djibouti.


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11 Jan 2017


Linking up with Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique


Dr. Juliane Zeidler has been recruited to work as Associate Director for Strategic Planning and Donor Relations in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.


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21 Mar 2016


IECN supports COMESA in their climate change work


Commissioned by the EU's GCCA programme, Juliane Zeidler works with the COMESA Secretariat in developing the new 2016-2020 Climate Change framework of action for COMESA as well as five project proposals to underpin it.


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