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Land Management Related Projects

Land is critical to all aspects of human well-being. It provides material resources for livelihoods, food and health, provides security against environmental shocks and future uncertainties, and underlies many social and cultural systems. Access to land and the resources it offers is at the core of enhancing opportunities and choices, particularly for those who depend more directly on it. Sustainable land management is extremely important for enhancing human livelihoods and the need for increasing the capacity toward sustainalbe land management is of great value.


Location: Namibia • Topics: Land Management • Year: 2012


Enhancing Decision-making through Interactive Learning and Action in the Molopo-Nossob River Basin in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa


The team set out to conduct the baseline study for the Namibia area of the Nossob-Molopo River Basin. The baseline study involved using existing literature, local knowledge, and an analysis of the current/baseline scenario. The overall project aims to enhance decision-making through interactive learning and action in the Molopo-Nossob River Basin toward sustainable land management.


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Location: Namibia • Topics: Land Management • Year: 2010


Supporting the implementation of the Communal Land Reform Act in Namibia


A short term assignment was commissioned to IECN in supporting the MLR, MCA, GTZ Communal Land Support project which was being rolled out in 6 regions in Northern Namibia.


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