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Development of a concept for a master programme in in Integrated Sustainable Land Management to submit to the Polytechnic Senate

 IECN had the consultancy for the Ministry of Lands & Resettlement and Polytechnic of Namibia to develop a postgraduate academic programme that will address certain elements of Namibia’s national capacity shortfall. The aim is the training of graduates with both cross-sectoral knowledge of the natural resource sector combined with well-developed managerial and leadership skills. 

IECN had the consultancy for developing the concept and curriculum for this programme, to be submitted to the Polytechnic Senate.

A workshop, which was facilitated by IECN, was held at the Polytechnic of Namibia on 06/07/07. The primary target of this workshop was to begin the development of an overall course framework that would address the aforementioned human resource capacity shortfalls. The DACUM method of curriculum development was adopted, complemented by various aspects of integration. As DACUM is competency-based, the aim was to identify the competencies necessary for graduates to fill the projected roles. The make-up of the workshop participants was designed to reflect the fact that the proposed Masters in Integrated Land Management is to be multi-disciplinary in nature. Expertise and advice was therefore sought from all sectors relating to land use. Consequently, the attendees included representatives of a wide variety of these sectors.

The feedback and conclusions drawn from this workshop were then used by IECN in the developing of a curriculum and full supporting narrative to be included in the submission to the Senate.


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Development of Masters in Integrated Land Management for Polytechnic of Namibia


Youth and Environment



Polytechnic of Namibia


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