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Strengthening the financial and operational framework of the national PA system in Guinea-Bissau

The project seeks to strengthen the financial sustainability and management effectiveness of the national PA system in Guinea-Bissau, and has two components: 1) Strengthening the financial framework of the national PA system, and 2) PA and buffer zone management in Cantanhez National Park. The expected outcomes of this FSP are: 1.1 Initial capitalisation of the endowment of the BioGuinea Foundation (FBG) with $8,600,000, increasing sustainability of PA system and consolidating terrestrial PAs of Guinea Bissau; 2.1 Collaborative cost-effective management of Cantanhez NP and related buffer zones and forest areas improving management effectiveness at least 50% over baseline levels; 2.2 Improved management effectiveness reduces threats as measured by: the reduction in the illegal utilisation of woody vegetation and deforestation rates, and the recorded levels of poaching; 2.3 Collectively this reduces the loss of critically threatened W-African forest habitats across c. 106,000 ha of PAs and surrounding zones, and delivers improved protection to globally significant species and other key biodiversity resources in the forest belt biome. 2.4 Benefits to local communities.

The Project Identification Form (PIF) of this Full Sized Project (FSP) was approved by the GEF Council on 20 June 2013. In collaboration with the Government and most notably the Institute for Biodiversity and Protected Areas (IBAP), the UNDP Country Office (CO) in Guinea Bissau is seeking the services of an international expert consultant in the area of Biodiversity and Protected Area Financing to support the implementation of the Project Preparation Grant (PPG).

Dr.Juliane Zeidler was appointed as the Financing Expert for this project and was part of a team of consultants that worked closely with, and under the overall guidance of the UNDP Country Office, the UNDP-GEF Regional Technical Advisor and the Institute for Biodiversity and Protected Areas of Guinea-Bissau.


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Strengthening the financial and operational framework of the national protected area system in Guinea-Bissau



Climate Change



UNDP Guinea Bissau


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