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In Africa, 60% of the population is less than 24 years of age! It is vital that youth voices are heard and respected, but that the youth also receive the tools neccessary to become tomorrow leaders towards a resilient and sustainable society. The youth are the innovative thinkers and their creativity should also be harnessed on our route to positive global transformation. Have a look at some of the youth projects IECN has been involved with. 


Location: Namibia • Topics: Environment & Youth • Year: 2013


Environmental Audit competition for Namibian High Schools


Environmental auditing is one of the many environmental management tools which are used to assess, evaluate and manage environment and sustainability issue such as utilization of resources. It reveals where resources are being managed in a way that meets accepted standards and where they are being managed in a way that does not.


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Location: Namibia • Topics: Environment & Youth • Year: 2011


Climate change adaptation youth action programme and outreach strategy


The climate change Youth Action Programme and outreach strategy is one of the ongoing work under the AAP NAM, and has now been self-running for the past year. Thus far the Namibia Youth Coalition on Climate Change (NYCCC) has been founded. The coalition is aiming to engage many more young Namibians in taking climate change action.


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