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Environmental Audit competition for Namibian High Schools

Environmental auditing is one of the many environmental management tools which are used to assess, evaluate and manage environment and sustainability issue such as utilization of resources. It reveals where resources are being managed in a way that meets accepted standards and where they are being managed in a way that does not.

Is your school interested in finding out your resource consumption? Why not do an environmental audit? You stand the chance of winning N$15,000.00 to audit your school and implement actions to reduce energy, water consumption and manage waste! If you and your school are interested, prepare a proposal and budget for your environmental audit and submit it to us!

Focus of the environmental audit! (choose one, two or all of them!)
•Energy (Electricity use)
•Water consumption & use
•Waste management (Solid waste)

To download the detailed information on the competition, click here.


Project title:

Environmental Audit Competition


Youth and Environment


Small Grants Programme, UNDP


Duration of project: