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Biodiversity Related Projects

Biodiversity and ecosystem services are integral to human survival. However, we have undervalued them and thus our planning and development often degrades the very services we depend on. We are slowly realising the importance of biodiveristy and ecosystem services in our systems, but much awareness and appreciation is still needed to change the system towards a more sustainable resilient human society. Have a look at some of the projects IECN has conducted at country level, and internationally. 


Location: Namibia • Topics: Biodiversity • Year: 2003


Consultancy to design, coordinate and implement a Biodiversity Training Framework for Namibia


The National Biodiversity Programme of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) recognized that, to address the biodiversity related needs of the country, there is a need for adult and professional training, thus continuous learning about ever developing scientific knowledge, improved management practices and more.


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Location: Namibia • Topics: Biodiversity • Year: 2002


Final compilation and editing of Namibia's National Biodiversity Strategy and action Plan


Namibia is signatory to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. One of the provisions of the CBD requires member countries to develop and implement National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAP) to convert the provisions of the convention into tangible actions.


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