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Biodiversity Related Projects

Biodiversity and ecosystem services are integral to human survival. However, we have undervalued them and thus our planning and development often degrades the very services we depend on. We are slowly realising the importance of biodiveristy and ecosystem services in our systems, but much awareness and appreciation is still needed to change the system towards a more sustainable resilient human society. Have a look at some of the projects IECN has conducted at country level, and internationally. 


Location: Namibia • Topics: Biodiversity • Year: 2007


Supplementary contract to General Facilitation of White Paper Process, Consortium between IECN and EcoAfrica Environmental consultants (South Africa): Conduct of "roadshow" regional awareness campaign and establishment of awareness baseline.


The Namibian Coast Conservation and Management (NACOMA) Projects objective is to strengthen conservation, sustainable use and mainstreaming of biodiversity in coastal and marine ecosystems in Namibia. The project aims to enhance coastal and marine biodiversity conservation through the mainstreaming of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use into coastal policy, legislative framework, and institutional and technical capacity and by supporting targeted investments for biodiversity conservation in critical ecosystems on the coast.


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Location: Namibia • Topics: Biodiversity • Year: 2006


Contribution to sustainable development: biodiversity management in Namibia- A decade of interventions. Conceptualization and writing of publication


The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) solicited funds to publish key achievements, lessons learnt and impacts from a decade of targeted biodiversity support interventions in Namibia.


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