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Biodiversity Related Projects

Biodiversity and ecosystem services are integral to human survival. However, we have undervalued them and thus our planning and development often degrades the very services we depend on. We are slowly realising the importance of biodiveristy and ecosystem services in our systems, but much awareness and appreciation is still needed to change the system towards a more sustainable resilient human society. Have a look at some of the projects IECN has conducted at country level, and internationally. 


Location: Namibia • Topics: Biodiversity • Year: 2010


Communal land support (CLS) project under the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Namibia, Expert advice on project component integration.


A short term assignment was commissioned to IECN in supporting the MLR, MCA, GTZ Communal Land Support project which was being rolled out in 6 regions in Northern Namibia. A registration strategy was drafted and will be tested in collaboration with the Traditional Authorities, Communal Land Boards and the Ministry of Land and Resettlement (MLR) soon.


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Location: Madagascar • Topics: Biodiversity • Year: 2008


Mid-term Evaluation of the UNDP/GEF component of the Third Environment Programme (EP III)


Madagascar’s varied Major Habitats constitute some of the world’s most important storehouses of biodiversity. The country has been classed by Conservation International amongst seventeen Mega diverse States, harbouring up to three quarters of the Worlds estimated species count. WWF has identified 7 critical Madagascar eco-regions, ranking amongst the richest globally on account of their alpha and beta diversity and high endemism.


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