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Biodiversity Related Projects

Biodiversity and ecosystem services are integral to human survival. However, we have undervalued them and thus our planning and development often degrades the very services we depend on. We are slowly realising the importance of biodiveristy and ecosystem services in our systems, but much awareness and appreciation is still needed to change the system towards a more sustainable resilient human society. Have a look at some of the projects IECN has conducted at country level, and internationally. 


Location: Namibia • Topics: Biodiversity • Year: 2013


Updating, preparing and finalising CEO Endorsement and Project Document for PASS Project


IECN is undertaking the updating, preparation and finalisation of the CEO Endorsement Request and Project Document for a GEF/UNDP Project titled Strengthening the Capacity of the Protected Area System to Address New Management Challenges (PASS Namibia).


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Location: Zambia • Topics: Biodiversity • Year: 2011


Sustainability of the Miombo Ecoregion through the Enlargement and Improved Management of Protected Areas, West Lunga Protected Area, Zambia


Juliane Zeidler of IECN was the lead consultant of the evaluation team for a terminal project evaluation for UNDP in Zambia. Detailed consultations with authorities and stakeholders in Lusaka, Solwezi and numerous sites surrounding the complex were conducted in the first week of February.


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