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12 . 2014

Integrated Environmental Consultants Mozambique cc registration

We would like to make a formal announcement to our clients that the Mozambican IEC is registered now and will be operating soon. Watch this space for further announcements!

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11 . 2014

IUCN World Parks Congress, Sydney, Australia

As the IUCN CEC’s Chair, Dr. Juliane Zeidler participated in Council meetings, Steering Committee, and Congress from the 12-19 November 2014 to shape the agenda for protected areas for the next 10 years. Full conference proceedings and activities can be found here http://worldparkscongress.org/

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Building community resilience to respond to drought and floods in Northern Namibia

Dr Juliane Zeidler, as the National Consultant, is leading the preparation of a GEF project in Northern Namibia to strengthen the adaptive capacity of 4000 households, 80% of which are female-headed to droughts and floods.

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